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The Closer for Microsoft Dynamics GP® automates the process of reconciling the various Sub-Ledgers to General Ledger, ensures your books will balance and that the quality and integrity of your data will be maintained.  Month, quarter, and year-end processes are completely streamlined and the reconciliation process will be faster than you ever thought possible.

Gain knowledge and save time & money

Learn very quickly what is causing the problems that are keeping the books from balancing. With the time saved, eliminate the root cause of the issues and prevent them from happening again.

Streamline operations & use of DynamicsGP

Part of the process of eliminating the issues found by The Closer, will result in business process changes, additional training for end-users and potential changes to the set-up of Dynamics GP.

Improve data quality & enhance analysis

When operations and general use of Dynamics GP are enhanced, data quality and timeliness of reporting will improve. No more “taking write-offs” to bring balance to Dynamics GP. Spend less time waiting for reports and more time analyzing them.

Build trust & make informed decisions

When critical month, quarter and year-end processes are executed quickly and the resulting reporting information has been quality assured with The Closer, more informed decisions can be made. Better decision making capabilities, due to improved data quality builds trust in Dynamics GP.

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The Closer

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