Beat + The Validator = A Great Solution

We have partnered with the one and only Beat Bucher (GPUG All Star & World Renowned GP expert) to offer a special package that will provide you with an awesome solution, up to 6 hours of personal access to a Dynamics GP expert and a detailed report to move forward with.

What you get:

  • The Validator GP Solution (License and Installation)
  • Site specific system and environment checks
  • Detailed Analysis Report
  • A review session with Beat to discuss findings and recommendations



Contact the Reporting-Central team to book your package. | 813-597-4991

About Beat Bucher:

Beat started working with Dynamics GP in 2003.  He was originally hired as a consultant to review some manufacturing plant processes and the related reports.  Mind you, at this time the reports were done in Crystal Reports and Excel 2000.  He has a long history of experience with the MS Office suite and reporting tools as his IT life began in the early 80’s, back when many PC’s were showing off the power of the blinking cursor or this “C:\>” … my how far we have all come since then!

Beat was new to ERP in 2003 and got started with Dynamics GP on version 7.0.  Over the next 6 years Beat became deeply knowledgeable in the system’s architecture and back-end structure.  It was at this point the “MBS” partner that supported the company Beat worked for pretty much stopped “sales pitching” him as they recognized that he actually knew more than their consultants did about Dynamics GP.

In 2009 after the company decided to not pursue their journey with Dynamics GP, Beat decided it was time to move on and talked to a head-hunter about a GP administrator for a high-tech company.  The timing was perfect and Beat has not looked back since.

In 2013 Beat was announced as a GPUG All Star and in 2015 Beat reached the ultimate consecration for any IT Geek, he was awarded MVP Status by Microsoft (1 of only 20 worldwide) for his contributions to the Dynamics GP community.

Beat has traveled a long journey to get where he is today and is happy with the home he has found in the MS Dynamics GP community.

About The Validator GP (included as part of the package):

The Validator GP lets customers monitor Dynamics GP and proactively check the following critical components of the system:

  • Dynamics GP Application: System Set-up and Master Data Files
  • Dynamics GP Technical: Operating & Database Environments
  • Dynamics GP Data: Key Fields, Business Metrics & Performance Ratios

Many times, Dynamics GP customers could have avoided messy situations if they had been made aware of existing issues and potential issues.  With The Validator GP customers get the chance to stop treating the symptoms and start fixing the root cause of an issues.  The end result for customers is higher data integrity, reduced business risk and better system optimization.