Dupe Check Solutions

Dupe Check for Dynamics GP

Dupe Check Vendor

You strive to maintain a clean vendor list. You merge duplicates regularly and you still run into problems. Now you can maintain consistent vendor information across all of your companies with Dupe Check Vendor. Before you add a new Vendor, Dupe Check does a FUZZY search to ensure there is not a similar vendor in terms of Name, Address or Doing Business As across all of your company databases. Eliminating duplicates reduces the risk of paying invoices twice. Maintaining a concise Vendor Master list will ensure accurate reporting of YTD and LTD vendor spending.


Dupe Check Voucher

Never pay an invoice twice and be able to prove it! There is nothing more wasteful than paying an invoice twice. Today scanned and e-mailed documents are the norm, we can no longer rely on the “never paying from a photocopied invoice” rule. Dupe Check Voucher is always running in Microsoft Dynamics GP. As soon as you enter a Document Number in a new Voucher, Dupe Check will search across all of your companies to ensure that the invoice has not been paid in another company. A warning screen appears with the Company and Voucher that has already been entered. If there is no duplicate detected, you never see a message and can proceed as normal.