What’s the best way to correct an AP Distribution error in Dynamics GP?

Anyone that uses or supports Dynamics GP has posted an AP transaction incorrectly or had to clean-up after someone else who did.

No big deal right?  A journal entry here, a journal entry there and the problem goes away.  Not so fast, it only goes away UNTIL someone gets hit with that cryptic journal entry on their Trial Balance or an auditor sees it and wants to know more about it.  All of a sudden that transaction is a problem again.  Now someone has to go and dig up the details, explain what the entry is correcting, find out who made the correction, what vendor it applies to and what the total transaction details are…AND then life can go on until the next AP Distribution mistake and well, you know the drill…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of that information – who requested the correction, who made the correction, why was the correction needed, which vendor does it apply to and what the original transaction being corrected was – in one place, be accessible from AP and have the correcting entries properly presented on Trial Balance reports?

Dynamics GP users now have a solution …“The Corrector” for Payables Distributions.

“The Corrector” gives Dynamics GP users the ability to approach AP Distribution corrections from the AP distributions window, not from the GL. This way users see it from the originating transaction side and can process corrections more efficiently and with all of the relevant information needed.

Here’s a quick overview on how “The Corrector” for Dynamics GP works:

From the Payables Distribution Zoom window, you will now have the “Correct” button.

The Corrector for Dynamics GP




















From the Correction window, pick the lines that need to be fixed, input the relevant details and then Create your Journal entry.

The Corrector for Dynamics GP - Create Journal Entry


“The Corrector” creates a PMTRXCORR reversing entry with the relevant details for you, that means you just have to enter the correct account information and save the entry.

The Corrector for Dynamics GP - Correcting Entry

Once you’ve posted the batch with the correcting entry, all of the relevant details now reside with the transaction and can be viewed and reported on.

No more mystery, no more research projects – it’s all right there waiting for you…who requested the correction, who made it, why was it needed and the all of the accounting detail in one place tied to the originating transaction.

The Corrector for Dynamics GP - Transaction History Window
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