GPUG Summit Round-Up & Product News (Cogsdale CSM, Project Accounting, Binary Stream MEM)

GPUG Summit Nashville is right around the corner. Let’s get those brains ready for learning and networking and those boots shined up for dancing! From what we are hearing, this is going to be the biggest, baddest, rootin tootinest GPUG Summit yet.

We are taking a bit of a different approach to Summit this year. Instead of exhibiting, we have assisted some of our customers, partners and consultants in creating several sessions for Summit2017. We’ll be attending sessions with you, walking the expo floor with you and we’ll be out and about in Nashville with you.


Reporting-Central is excited to make the following announcements;

We have partnered with Kerry Hataley of Nanook Software to enhance the reconciliation functionality of The Closer for DynGP. Customers that use Cogsdale CSM and the Project Accounting module can now look forward to smooth reconciliations. Kerry is a GP, Cogsdale and Project Accounting expert that is highly versed in SQL, Dexterity and the related Microsoft components. Kerry’s knowledge of Cogsdale and the Project Accounting module will enable municipalities (including water and gas) and Electric Utilities to reconcile their CSM and PA data with the GL in Dynamics GP.

We have fully released an enhancement for The Closer that enables users of Binary Stream’s MEM solution to easily reconcile to the GL. If you are a MEM user and have had some nagging situations where you cannot figure out exactly why your sub-ledgers will not tie to the GL, we can help. We worked closely with several users of MEM in the health care and nursing home verticals to create MEM modules for The Closer that you will greatly benefit from.


Here’s a round-up of the sessions being delivered by end-users and consultants that will provide insight about Allocations (Theresa Rago, End User), Posting to the GL (Kitty Geiger, Consultant, RSM US), System Maintenance (MVP Beat Bucher, End-User and RC Technical Consultant) and Upgrades (Kerry Hataley Consultant & RC Partner). These sessions are worth your attention in Nashville!

Upgrade Checklist A-Z – Everything Needs Considerations
Kerry Hataley, Owner, Nanook Software
Wednesday, October 11 at 4:15 PM – Presidential Boardroom A



Be prepared and ready for you next upgrade, no matter the size. Understanding that the upgrade life cycle is a living entity within your organization – or it should be. You will be taken through the different life stages of the cycle and learn who, what, when, why and how they are important.



The Art and Science of posting properly to the GL
Kitty Geiger, Supervisor GP Consultant, RSM
Thursday, October 12 at 1:15 PM – Canal C

When Dynamics GP users are posting things properly to the GL, the world is a happier place. When suspense accounts are cleared properly, they are a wonderful thing. But the instant something is posted incorrectly or re-classed wrong, forget about it, zombies (auditors) at the door. Posting from the sub-modules to the GL is supposed to be a simple process and Dynamics GP users who use suspense accounts shouldn’t have to live life on the edge. This session will discuss how to properly manage the posting process and what can be done when transactions are sent to the wrong GL destination.


How did that happen and How do I fix it?
Beat Bucher (MVP), Sr. Business Analyst, Ultra Electronics-Forensic Tech
Friday, October 13 at 9:45 AM – Bayou D

No matter how many training sessions a DynGP users go through, someone always finds a way to “break something”. No matter how well mapped out a process is, things change over time. During this session, we will review some settings in DynGP that should be reviewed and some ways to help find potential problems faster. We will review common posting, transactional and system set-up errors. We will look at what causes these type of issues, how to fix them and how to make possible changes to manage them properly and keep them from reoccurring.


The Allocations you have always wanted.
Theresa Rago, Manager Financial System, Starr International
Friday, October 13 at 1:15 PM – Canal C

If you are a larger user of Dynamics GP (multi/inter-co, multi-national) and/or your allocations are just not cutting it, this session is for you. Learn what one company has done to streamline & automate the allocations process. Learn how to become a “hyper allocation” master by eliminating manual steps in setting up, managing & running allocations. Industry Veteran and career Dynamics GP user Theresa Rago will take you through a day in the life with an allocations solution and process that was designed to exacting specifications and has scaled seamlessly over the past 5 years.


There’s always a few “friendly” bragging rights battles that take place at Summit and this year is no different. Here are a few sessions you’ll want see for yourself:

GP IDOL Shoot-Out – Wednesday (10/11) at 1:45 PM – Bayou B
This is it folks, a competition so anticipated, so intense, it needs two moderators. Abra Gilman with Collins Computing and Sarah Salzman with Tribridge will certainly earn their stripes moderating this group of wily competitors. Our returning GPUG All Star champion, start a slow clap now folks, the one, the only Training Dynamo, Amber Bell will tussle with Shawn Dorward from InterDyn Artis (this man does not hold back, saw it myself in Charlotte) and Brian Lambertz from Connexus Energy, Minnesota’s most active GPUG Chapter Leader. You get to choose folks, you get to decide who will be crowned GP IDOL 2017. Whose knowledge will shine brightest?

Excel Shoot-Out – Thursday (10/12) at 11:15 AM – Bayou E
Always a crowd pleaser and sure to be a knock-down drag-out session. MVP Shawn Dorward (Senior Consultant, InterDyn Artis) takes on ever present, all knowing, returning MVP’s & All Star’s Mark Polino (FastPath Director of Customer Service) and Belinda Allen (BI Program Manager, PowerGP Online/Njevity). This is one for the ages folks. Come and see who will carry the Excel torch into 2018. It’s your call people and rest assured your vote will get counted properly here (I mean, they’ll probably be tallied in Excel, so no real room for manipulation or anything). EXCELsior…

SQL Server Shoot Out – Thursday (10/12) at 1:15 PM – Bayou E
Holy Crap, if you, like me, are one of the many people who cannot bear to go a year with-out seeing the incomparable Cape Wearing, MVP and GPUG All Starr, Mr. John Lowther in action, then this is the event for you. Mr. Lowther (Cloud App Admin, Njevity), all by himself, is moderating this year’s SQL Server Shoot-Out. Panelists are our good friend Kerry Hataley with Nanook Software (our money is on Kerry), Steve Endow with Precipio Services and Jonathon Cox with Hexoma Solutions. Your vote decides folks, make it count and may the fastest thinker prevail. Good luck and God speed boys.


You heard that right, The Rock-N-Rave is back. After announcing at Summit 2016 that the RNR party was going away, some of us put our heads, and money, together and decided that the GPUG community has witnessed enough change over the past few years. To GPUG is to PARTY, especially at Summit. Who are we to deny what the members of our great community have come to appreciate and quite frankly deserve?

So this year, The Rock-N-Rave literally Rolls On. We are “taking it to the streets” on Sprocket Rocket Pedal Pub bikes (say that 5 times fast).

Thursday night (10/12) between 6:30 and 10:30 PM
(The buses drop off right at the cul-de-sac off Broadway & 1st Ave, you won’t be able to miss us)
We will be running multiple shifts every 30 minute on the Pedal Pubs.


You get a chance to see Nashville’s famed downtown from the street while enjoying complimentary beer, wine and booze. You may never get a chance like this again, so “if you wanna go and take a ride with me”, sign-up below for your guaranteed VIP reservation. This is the last night of Summit, so why not “slow ride, take it easy” with us, I mean before you know it you’ll be “leaving on a jet plane”.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP NOW!







When should the process start?

I will admit that, from time to time, I get confused by some of the processes that I see being used to get things done. In the accounting world, one process in particular always keeps me wondering. Most companies have to go through it every year and it always seems unnecessarily stressful and arduous. I am not referring to manufacturing, the shipping of millions of items, inventory counts, managing a logistics chain or budgeting for next year … no, no … nothing that glamorous, I am talking about good old fashioned 1099’s. If you just cringed, shook your head or wanted to stop reading, I completely understand.

In talking with Dynamics GP users and researching the different processes that are employed to get 1099 forms out the door and filed properly, it became clear that all of the focus is put on the “end” of the process. So I started to think about why it is being done this way because NOT everything HAS to be done at the end of the year to get ready for filing 1099’s.

There are manual and automated things involved here. Everyone I know wants to get things done as accurately as possible while using the fastest and most efficient process. Why is that? People like to save money and time while maximizing productivity (their own and their co-workers). Anything to let the boss know how awesome we really are!

There is one part of “1099ing” that does not need to wait until the end, in fact it really should be done periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly) because it will save you from having to do what some users have described as the most frustrating and time consuming step in the whole process. TIN Matching, yes TIN Matching – making sure that the 1099 vendor information in your system matches up with what the IRS has in their system.

This is a step that can and should be done throughout the year, rather than all at once at the end of the year. Dealing with the IRS poses its own challenges but at the end of the day, they make the information available and now Dynamics GP users get the benefit of streamlining the interaction between their systems and the IRS Bulk TIN Match service.

Here’s what happens to make this possible:

  • 1099 Vendor data is pulled from Dynamics GP into The Validator1099 solution and allows users to quickly and easily give the list a once over for any obvious issues.
  • After a quick review, a file that meets the IRS TIN Match format specifications is created and made available for upload into the IRS Bulk TIN Match Service.
  • The file is uploaded and run up against the IRS data and users are notified when to retrieve the results file from the IRS TIN Match Service.
  • The resulting IRS file is imported into The Validator1099 solution and analyzed, by vendor, based on what the IRS has determined are issues with the data.
  • The file is then archived for future reference as needed.
  • From this point users can use the report to track down any information needed to make sure the identified 1099 vendors are updated properly in Dynamics GP.
  • Dynamics GP users now have a solution that takes the heavy lifting out of the TIN Match process.

Looking ahead to filing the next round of 1099’s, how nice would it be to have all of your TIN Matching done well ahead of time? Ponder that for a few minutes, trying to get the books closed and reconciled, trying to get financials pulled together, doing all of the other year-end tasks – now think about not having to track down vendor information or waiting for someone else to do it.

Learn how The Validator1099 will save you time and money during your busiest time of the year.

Please give us a call at 813-579-4991 or send us an e-mail to or request more information on-line at

What’s the best way to correct an AP Distribution error in Dynamics GP?

Anyone that uses or supports Dynamics GP has posted an AP transaction incorrectly or had to clean-up after someone else who did.

No big deal right?  A journal entry here, a journal entry there and the problem goes away.  Not so fast, it only goes away UNTIL someone gets hit with that cryptic journal entry on their Trial Balance or an auditor sees it and wants to know more about it.  All of a sudden that transaction is a problem again.  Now someone has to go and dig up the details, explain what the entry is correcting, find out who made the correction, what vendor it applies to and what the total transaction details are…AND then life can go on until the next AP Distribution mistake and well, you know the drill…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of that information – who requested the correction, who made the correction, why was the correction needed, which vendor does it apply to and what the original transaction being corrected was – in one place, be accessible from AP and have the correcting entries properly presented on Trial Balance reports?

Dynamics GP users now have a solution …“The Corrector” for Payables Distributions.

“The Corrector” gives Dynamics GP users the ability to approach AP Distribution corrections from the AP distributions window, not from the GL. This way users see it from the originating transaction side and can process corrections more efficiently and with all of the relevant information needed.

Here’s a quick overview on how “The Corrector” for Dynamics GP works:

From the Payables Distribution Zoom window, you will now have the “Correct” button.

The Corrector for Dynamics GP




















From the Correction window, pick the lines that need to be fixed, input the relevant details and then Create your Journal entry.

The Corrector for Dynamics GP - Create Journal Entry


“The Corrector” creates a PMTRXCORR reversing entry with the relevant details for you, that means you just have to enter the correct account information and save the entry.

The Corrector for Dynamics GP - Correcting Entry

Once you’ve posted the batch with the correcting entry, all of the relevant details now reside with the transaction and can be viewed and reported on.

No more mystery, no more research projects – it’s all right there waiting for you…who requested the correction, who made it, why was it needed and the all of the accounting detail in one place tied to the originating transaction.

The Corrector for Dynamics GP - Transaction History Window
Stop by and see us at GPUG Summit in Reno, we’ll be in Booth 255 on the Expo Floor.

Call or e-mail with any questions:  813-579-4991 or

Visit us on-line to request a trial license of The Corrector:

Announcing…Analytics for Dynamics GP – created by Mark Polino

It’s no secret that Mark Polino is passionate about improving the lives of everyone who uses and supports Dynamics GP. In continuing his tradition of providing value, Mark has created a cost effective and easy to use Business Intelligence Solution called Analytics for Dynamics GP. Simplicity is the key driver in this plug and play sales dashboard.

The Analytics for Dynamics GP dashboard includes:

  • Top Customers with corresponding costs
  • Top Items with corresponding costs
  • Top Sales people, Territories and Sites
  • Sales Over time with forward looking projection
  • Sales mix over time by Item Class
  • A full range of data filters to control information

Learn More about Analytics for Dynamics GP…

Turnkey Tech User Group Take-A-Way – items commonly overlooked in Dynamics GP

This is an article written by Mike Ramatowski of Turnkey Technologies:

We recently held a Microsoft Dynamics GP User Group Meeting in St. Louis, MO.  Our feature speakers were the owners from Reporting-Central.  One of their products that caught my attention was “The Validator”.  This product helps Dynamics GP users eliminate manual validation and reconciliation processes to make Microsoft Dynamics GP a better business solution by continuously monitoring critical areas of their solution.  Also, another major takeaway that I think many current users of Microsoft Dynamics GP would find very interesting are the most commonly overlooked Set-Up and On-Going Use issues in Dynamics GP.  Here is a small list that Reporting-Central shared with us.

Click the link below for the full read:

Let me know if you’d like a free trial of The Closer or The Validator –


Dynamics GP Year-End Closing and Reconciliation Processes

Reporting-Central, the recognized data integrity experts, have been hosting a series of FREE year-end closing webinars. This is your last chance to register for the third and final webinar of this series. Please join us to learn about year-end closing and reconciliation processes in Dynamics GP. This webinar is the perfect refresher on the steps required to properly run your year-end closing and reconciliations.

Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2011
Time: 2:00-3:00 PM EST

Space is limited, so please reserve your webinar seat early.

Wiseguy, by Mark Polino

With summer coming to a close and everyone getting back to work, we thought this short story would help you get back into the swing of all things Dynamics GP. Many thanks to Mark Polino for writing this short story, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

by Mark Polino

Wiseguy is a new twist on a classic mob tale. Want to be mobster Joey is stunned to learn that his mob family has gone legit due to the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP. With the help of Jersey girl Isabella, Joey must learn to collect cash using Dynamics GP instead of a baseball bat.”

Download Wiseguy for FREE with the Discount Code “WiseguyCloser”. Just enter the discount code when you get to the download page and enjoy!