The Allocator

The Allocator for Dynamics GP

Simplifying Inter-Company Payables and General Ledger Allocations

At Reporting-Central, our solutions are designed to save you time while ensuring Data Integrity in Dynamics GP. The Allocator reduces the time customers will spend processing allocations for payables distributions and journal entries across multiple companies, locations, or departments.

With The Allocator, Dynamics GP customers can:

  • Allocate Payables Distributions across multiple companies, locations and departments
  • Allocate Journal Entries across multiple companies, locations and departments
  • Reduce unintended allocation related data entry errors
  • Easily manage complex tiered allocations across multiple companies and within a single company database
  • Easily set-up, maintain and apply Fixed or Variable allocations across multiple companies
  • Automatically calculate multi/inter-company allocations and review or edit allocations before final posting to the system
  • Even if you operate in a single company and have detailed tiered allocations across multiple departments, The Allocator can help.

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