The Closer Support


As part of the installation and initial configuration process with The Closer, you will be asked for logon credentials to be used to access the SQL Server connection. If upon entering these credentials you receive the error message below:



Closer installation error message

Do not worry as this happens to many first time users.

Since you probably used the sa login and entered the server name correctly, the problem is:

  • In the program files directory, an XML configuration file is found. The login information you enter is in this file. When you attempt to edit the file, you get a file permission error when saving.
  • The file is not read only, you are experiencing a Windows security issue that does not allow you edit or write to a file.
  • Your machine is running Windows 7 and the user has to be a “local admin” for the machine, however the UAC is activated. By default, this denied write and modify permissions to the Program Files directory in which the Closer was installed.
  • The Closer will collect the data for the login, but these are not able to be written to the configuration file.
  • When you started The Closer and entered the login details, The Closer assumes the details were stored and when the application goes to use it, the details are not actually there – yielding the error above.
  • You can solve this problem by right clicking the executable and choosing “Run as Administrator”.

Everything should work as designed from that point forward.