The Corrector Trial Download

Learn more about The Corrector HERE.

A trial of The Corrector will run in Fabrikam without registration keys.  The process for obtaining a trial license of The Corrector is quick and easy.

Step 1: Please fill out and submit the form below completely and accurately.

Step 2: Upon successful submission of the required information, customers will receive an email that includes a link for downloading the Installation Guide, Used Guide and license of The Corrector.

Step 3: Please review the Installation Guide and User Guide prior to installing The Corrector.

Step 4: Install The Corrector and begin using in Fabrikam.

We encourage active use and testing of The Corrector. Users will experience the efficiency of using The Corrector and the power of the information it provides when fixing AP Distribution mistakes.

At any time during the trial period, do not hesitate to contact with any questions that arise. Providing the following details when contacting support will expedite response time, diagnosis and resolution:

  1. Screen shot of any error notifications
  2. Situational details leading up to any issue(s)

Our support and sales teams are ready to assist and answer any questions that arise during the trial period.

Registration and Trial Request Form: