The Validator GP

The Validator GP for Dynamics GP

Monitoring the integrity of Dynamics GP

The Validator GP continuously monitors Dynamics GP® and proactively checks the following critical components:

  • Dynamics GP Application: System Set-up and Master Data FilesThe Validator for Dynamics GP
  • Dynamics GP Technical: Operating & Database Environments
  • Dynamics GP Data: Key Fields, Business Metrics & Performance Ratios

Stop treating the symptoms because you are not aware of the problems. With The Validator GP you are provided with the opportunity to catch potential problems before they arise.
The end result for customers is higher data integrity, reduced business risk and system optimization.

The Validator GP will tell you what issues are potentially causing problems for  Dynamics GP

  • Is your server is running out of disk space?
  • Are your posting settings are not correct?
  • Are you missing key data?
  • Is your security set-up properly?
  • Was your back-up successful?
  • Do you have stuck or orphaned transactions?
  • Do you have a stalled processes or a hung batches?
  • Are all Inventory items set up properly?
  • Are you maintaining transaction history properly?

These are just a small sample of the validation points that are continuously monitored for you.  Ask us about creating custom validation points that are meaningful to your business.

Below is a view of The Validator’s ability to proactively check the posting settings for all of the companies maintained in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Validator for Dynamics GP

Below is a sample of the email alert capabilities of the Validator. This example indicates issues with security and service pack status.

The Validator for Dynamics GP