The Validator1099

The Validator 1099 for Dynamics GP

The Validator1099 is the only solution built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP® that facilitates the process of validating TINs and enables stress free and accurate 1099 reporting. The Validator1099 compares the relevant GP Vendor data with the IRS BULK TIN Match Service. Whether your vendor provided an erroneous TIN, a false name, a bad address or has moved, changed names or started-up under a new TIN – The Validator1099 will catch the issue early giving you time to make corrections while minimizing your risk of reporting bad information to the government.

Benefits of The Validator1099

  • Automated TIN matching.
  • Use it whenever you want to validate Vendor data.
  • Minimize errors in the 1099 reporting process.
  • No more waiting to know if the TIN’s filed were accurate.
  • No more time spent manually tracking down inaccurate or erroneous details provided by vendors.
  • Minimize fines from the government for incorrect 1099 data.
  • Confidence that 1099’s are filed with accurate data.
  • Save Money!! The Validator1099 is the most cost effective solution available for Dynamics GP customers.

Don’t push the preverbal panic-button, avoid the 1099 year end scramble, simplify the process.

The end result of using The Validator1099 is the complete streamlining of a process that has traditionally taken a significant amount of time and created an unnecessary work load and stress.

The Reporting-Central mantra continues – save time, save money, make your life easier!

Use of The Validator1099 solution requires that you have access to the IRS ON-LINE TIN Matching Service.